Wellness and Prevention

Wellness and Prevention

fruits and veggie portrait-1A New Way to your health at its very best!

  • Improve the way you feel and your quality of life.
  • Get better prepared for the mental and emotional challenges of everyday life.
  • Look and feel your best.
  • Lower your risk for developing health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, digestive issues, autoimmune problems, or heart disease.
  • Get better results with your exercise program or sports, building your strength and endurance.

Right now is the perfect time to take control of your health and nutrition.  It is an investment with wonderful benefits.  Getting adequate nutrition, exercise, and sleep, and learning to manage stress are all important in a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone needs the same nutrients, but not necessarily in the same amounts.  While a single choice may seem insignificant, made over and over, it can have a major impact on your life.  The impact can be positive or it can be negative.  You can make a difference.

Act now to stay healthy.  The DNA analysis available at New Way Nutrition can help you prevent potential health problems.  Those who discover that they carry a genetic variation linking their food intake to a specific health problem demonstrate increased interest and compliance to DNA based dietary advice.

If you are at a healthy weight but are starting to have more and more difficulty maintaining it, a metabolic assessment may be in order.  Many things affect your calorie requirements and over time this can be hard to determine.  The calories you needed in the past to maintain your weight may not be what you need today. Knowing your body composition and how many calories you actually require can be essential in preventing weight gain.

Your healthful eating should be a source of pleasure.  A variety of nutritious and flavorful foods can be eaten in almost any situation and at every stage of life.  Learn to have a healthy relationship with food.

Live a healthy, vibrant life.  Live life a New Way!